Open Studios, Turf Projects Keeley Road, July 27 2019.


Anamorphic Waves, Ugly Duck, April 11 2019.

International Bad Video Art Festival, Zverev Center of Contemporary Art, Moscow, 21-23 March 2019.

Open Studios, Turf Projects Keeley Road, February 2nd 2019.

Bloomberg New Contemporaries, South London Gallery, December 4 2018.

Two Halves at Four Quarters, Peckham, September 19 2018.

Bloomberg New Contemporaries at Liverpool Biennial, July 14 2018.

Degree Show, Ambika P3, June 1st 2018.

Degree Show, London Gallery West, May 22th 2018.

'Open Studios', University of Westminster, December 12th 2017.

'embodiment now', Turf Projects Loft, November 30th 2017.

'Super Shop', A3.09, October 19th 2017.

'But I'm Not Getting Bored', University of Westminster, May 15th 2017.

'Creative 508', 508 Kings Road, March 24th 2017.

'CHATTERBOX', London Gallery West, March 13th 2017.

'Everyday is a Day too Long', Electric House, March 1st 2017.

‘there is such a thing as going too far’, University of Westminster, December 2016.

‘Sensitive Response’, London Gallery West, November 2016.

‘You break it, you buy it’, University of Westminster, May 2016.

March 2017, Pure Evil Gallery.
February 2017, assistant with Rachael House.

Blog Post: FC Izaac, 25 October 2018, newcontemporaries.org.uk.

An Introduction: To New Contemporaries, 2018, Shy Bairns.

Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2018 catalogue. 

Anthology: Disgusting Existence, 2018, Ninetales Collective. 

2015-2018, Fine Art Mixed Media BA (Hons), University Of Westminster.
2014-2015, Foundation in Art & Design, Alton College.